Neuron Fund: pre-IDO Auction

Max Tandelov
1 min readAug 31, 2021

Neuron Fund is ready to launch in beta!

Launch schedule:

Aug 31 19:00 UTC
pre-IDO Auction Begins.

Sep 1 19:00 UTC
pre-IDO Auction Finished.

Sep 1 19:15 UTC
NEUR tradable on Sushiswap.

Sep 1 19:30 UTC
Neuron Pools are available for deposits on Ethereum and Polygon.

At our auction, everyone will be able to buy NEUR tokens at a discount price!

Auction Sale Details

Auction Date: 31/08/2021 19:00 UTC

Token Ticker: $NEUR

Max Total Supply: 2,000,000

Total Auction Allocation: 40,000 NEUR

Minimum raise: 50 ETH

NEUR Token Address


Please note that other tokens claimed to be NEUR but with different contract addresses are fake NEUR tokens.

30% of your NEUR share will be unlocked immediately at the end of the auction. The rest of the tokens will be vested linearly over a time period of 2 months to maintain healthy token price dynamics for every NEUR holder.

Learn more on NEUR token (Medium)
veNEUR — one of NEUR use cases (Medium)

We look forward to launching on September 1!
The token pre-IDO auction starts on August 31 at 19:00 UTC.